posted by: Kasc
January 30th 2014 - 00:26
He's down! Finally, after a string of bad luck he is finally dead! (Well, not really!)
WARNING: Possible foul language when Damo decides to suidide at the start of phase 4.

This has been our first complete tier, from start to end, as a guild and we've proven that mergers can work.

Unfortunately we did lose some ranks on the kill (from rank 140 to 180) after having improved our ranks boss after boss; we were extremely unlucky with internet issues, roster issues, disconnect issues, server login issues that slowed us down significantly (oh and Brewmaster's OP!).

We're looking upwards and onwards for WoD for Garrosh 2.0. We are going to get back to our best rank this tier and improve upon it. Now is a great time to join!

Kill vids to follow!

posted by: DazzDragon
December 6th 2013 - 05:58
Still waiting for Joe's monologue of the fight......(cough cough)


"We killed some bugs despite the bugs. Hopefully no more buggy bug fights ever again." - Joe

posted by: DazzDragon
November 12th 2013 - 06:29
First boss in the tier so far that has been a real challenge. It was also probably the best boss so far to progress on! So much going on and it's great when things just 'click', our kill was by FAR one of our cleanest kills in terms of play and damage done. The kill also brought us to being the most progressed guild on our realm so far, hopefully we'll be able to keep it up!

posted by: Kasc
October 22nd 2013 - 02:37
Compared to Spoils the progression on this fight was a lot smoother! We very quickly made a good cooldown rotation which is arguably the key to beating this fight. However, we don't really know how we killed it! As you can hear on the video it was a highly stressful kill before the end of the last stacking phase - it was only the 2nd time we had ever gotten to the fiery phase 1! We even had a "how the fuck did we kill that?" pretty much as it died! The only thing we can think of is that we got to more stacks in the 2nd phase 1 allowing for more boss DPS time. Great stuff!

posted by: Kasc
October 18th 2013 - 09:06
Garrosh's stolen loot has been pilfered and the epicz are ours! Pretty good fight but also pretty annoying at the same time; one when team shines, the other is doomed to fail... or at least that's how it seemed! Fairly tight enrage - a reset of more gear was definitely noticeable. On to the Thok Block!

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